Creating Sub-Jobs from Quote Sections

Creating Sub-Jobs from Quote Sections

In Trade Trak, you have the option to automatically convert a quote section into a sub-job once the quote is approved by the client. This will help manage a job by splitting it up into smaller sections while avoiding the need to create these sub-jobs manually.

Sub-Job Options

In either a quote or quote template, you will find the option to automatically create a sub-job for a quote section.

To find this option, first click 'Add Section'. From here, click on the pencil icon to the right of the Section Name box, next to the trash can icon. Once you have clicked this, you will see a list of options appear.

Amongst these options, you will see the heading 'Sub-Job Options'. If you select the checkbox underneath this heading called 'Create Sub-Job When Approved', the selected quote section will be automatically converted into a sub-job within the job the quote is for once the quote has been approved.

Once this checkbox is selected, the box below will become available. With this dropdown menu, you can choose which Job Type you would like the sub-job that will be created to have. You can create new Job Types to be available here by going to 'Company Settings' and then 'Job Types'.

The sub-job name will be whatever you have filled in the Quote Section Name box. If the Quote Section Name is left blank, the sub-job will be named as such:
'Job Name' - 'Quote Name' Sub-Job

Sub-job from Quote Section 1

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