Creating Quotes

Creating Quotes

Create professional looking quotes in a matter of seconds on Trade Trak, send them to clients instantly, have them sign them off on the spot, or use them to autofill your invoices and save you time.

Create New Quote

To begin you need to start on the quotes module. To access this from Dashboard, click on 'Finance', then click ‘Quotes’.

Creating quotes 1

Here you will be able to view your previously created quotes with general overviews of information, including status, job, quote number, description and the amount quoted. If you have many quotes, you are also able to refine your results by searching for keywords or filtering by status, job, client name or issue date.

To start from scratch, click ‘Create’ in the top right corner.

Creating quotes 2

When you are creating a quote, you are able to provide as much or as little information to your client as you like. There are only a few sections which are required for creation, which are marked with an asterisk.

Quote Details

1) Client *

Select which client you would like to quote.


Choose a Client (Drop-down menu)

'+' (Add client)

2) Job *

Select which job you would like to quote.


Choose a Job (Drop-down menu)

'+' (Create a job)

3) Quote Name

Enter a name for the quote so you can easily find it in the future.

4) Issue On *

Select which date you would like the client to be quoted.


Manual entry

Calendar view

5) Status *

Select from a drop-down menu which status you would like your quote to show.



Awaiting Approval


Partially Invoiced


Ready to Invoice


Note: You can create customised statuses to suit how you define your quotes.

6) Template

You can pre-fill your entire quote with template you have created earlier. If you would like to start off with a template and edit it to suit a particular quotes, you can do so.

Creating quotes 3

Finally, by clicking on the plus symbol that says 'Show Description and More Options', you can bring up a further list of actions you can use to customise your quote.

Description and More Options

1) General Description

Enter details about the quote into the provided textbox. If you have not created a new job from within the quote, this section will be auto-filled with the job description but you can edit as needed. Descriptions can be used for administration purposes but are not attached to the quotes that your clients receive.

2) Cover Page

Select a cover page to add to your quote from a drop-down list of cover pages you have previously created.

3) Tax

Select whether you would like your quote to be tax exclusive or tax inclusive.

4) Logo

Select which logo and company information you would like to display on the quote. This will be set to default (main) logo automatically.

5) Expiry Date

Set the date that you would like the quote to expire from the calendar dropdown.

6) Copy From

If you would like to automatically fill the quote details with a previous quote you have created, select the desired quote from the dropdown menu.

7) Notes

Use the free entry text box to add any notes that you would like to be attached to the quote for your client to see.

8) Check Boxes

Tick these boxes if you would like your quote to:

  • Show that the quote is an estimation
  • Show sections summary on the quote
  • Hide each sections total price on the quote
  • Include the product codes (SKU's) in the quote
  • Hide the total price on the quote*
  • Display the amount of discount on the quote*

*This is a feature of our Advanced Quoting subscription.

Creating a Quote 4

Quote Items

You can add as many items to your quote as you like. You will be shown the subtotal and total price. You can also delete any items by pressing the trash can next to the line’s total. Quote items can also be broken up into different sections.

1) Section Name

Use the free entry text box to add an name for the section that you are filling out.

2) Item Description *

Use the free entry text box to add an item description which will appear on your quote.

3) Quantity *

Select the amount of a single item you would like to appear on the quote.

4) Unit Price *

Enter the dollar value of a single unit of that item.

5) Add Item

Add another line item into that section.

6) Add Product

Add a product from a supplier catalogue with live pricing into your quote.

7) Add Section

Use this button to add another section that you can add new items under.

Creating quotes 5

Quote Section Options

If you click on the pencil icon in the Section Name, you will bring up a range of options to customise the quote section. These are:

1) Display Options

Here you can find multiple options for how your quotes are displayed when sent to the client. Here you can tick the boxes to hide any part of the quote so the quote recipient won't be able to see them.
Note: These options are only available for users who have subscribed to the Advanced Quoting subscription.

  • Hide Section on Quote
  • Hide Section Price
  • Hide Section Line Items
  • Hide Line Item Quantities
  • Hide Line Item Unit Price
  • Hide Line Items Subtotal
  • Hide Line Items Total

2) Extra Options

In this section, you can choose to make the section on the quote optional, so your clients can choose whether they want to approve the section or not when approving the whole quote.
Note: These options are only available for users who have subscribed to the Advanced Quoting subscription.

Ticking the Optional Section box will make the section optional for the client so they can choose whether they want to approve it or not.

Ticking the Section Selected by Default box will make it so if it chosen to be optional, it will begin as selected and the client can choose to unselect it if they wish.

3) Sub Job Options

Here you can choose whether to make this section automatically convert into a sub-job within the job once the quote is approved by the client.

Ticking the Create Sub-Job When Approved box will create the sub-job from that section once the quote is approved. The section name will become the name of the sub-job.

Once the previous box is ticked, you will also have the option to select the job type from the dropdown box below.

4) Cost Centre

Here you can select if you want the section to be placed against a previously created cost centre to improve your accounting and reporting from the dropdown menu provided.

5) Description

In this free text box, you can write a description for the quote section which will be displayed on the quote for the client.

6) Attachment

Add any attachments you would like to appear with the particular quote section.

Creating a Quote 7

Quote Line Item Options

If you click on the pencil icon to the right of the total in the Quote Line Item, you will bring up a range of options to customise the line item. These are:

1) Units*

Here you can change what unit of measurement you want that line item to go by. You can choose from any unit of measurement you have created (or the default units already on your account) in the dropdown menu provided.

2) Expense Account

Here you can select what expense account on your account you would like the line item to be placed against.

3) Tax

You can add or remove tax against a single line item here. This will be filled with GST by default, however you can change the default tax in your company settings.

4) Markup

Here you can add a percentage markup against the single line item if you wish to add an extra margin against it.

5) Discount

Here you can add a percentage discount against the single line item to decrease the margin against it.

Creating a Quote 8


Add any attachments you would like to appear with the quote.

Create Quote

When you are done with your quote, click ‘Save’ and you will be taken to a new page.

On this page you can approve the quote with name, PO number, notes and signature, create tasks, download the PDF, share, preview, edit or delete.

Creating quotes 6

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