Create an Invoice

Create an Invoice

Note: You need to have created and approved a quote for your job before you're able to create an invoice

Once you have created a quote for a job on Trade Trak, invoicing is a simple and hassle-free process.

To begin, from the dashboard click on the 'Finance' menu at the top of the menu, then click on the 'Invoices’ module.

Creating an Invoice 1

Once in the ‘Invoices’ module, you are able to view previously created invoices, view their general descriptions, types, amounts and balances. If you have many invoices, you are able to refine your results by searching for keywords or filtering by the quote used, the invoice type, or status.

To build a new invoice, click ‘Create invoice’ in the top right corner.

Creating an Invoice 2

The 'Create an Invoice' pop up is divided into three sections. There are a number of quote details including client, job, quote amount, amount previously invoiced and remaining total that will prefill for your convenience once a quote is selected. Any fields that are mandatory in order to build an invoice are marked with an asterisk.

Creating an Invoice 3

Quote Details

1) Quote *

Select from a drop-down menu which quote you would like to use to build the invoice.

2) Issue on

Select from a calendar module which date you would like your invoice to be issued on.

3) Due date

Select which date from a calendar module you would like your invoice amount to be due on.

4) Invoice by…

Choose the amount you would like to invoice.


  • Full invoice
  • Invoice by line items [will prompt you to tick or untick items and show individual and total costs]

Creating an Invoice 4

  • Invoice by percentage [will prompt you to enter a percentage of the total amount]

Creating an Invoice 5

  • Invoice by amount [will prompt you to enter a dollar value of the total amount]

Creating an Invoice 6

  • Credit note [will prompt you to enter a dollar value]

Creating an Invoice 7

5) General description

This section will prefill with the description from the original quote but can be added to or edited as needed in the text field.

Invoice Notes

Enter any notes you would like your client to see in the text field provided.

Creating an Invoice 8


Add any files or images that you would like to be attached to the invoice. You are able to drag a file or image to the app, browse files or select an existing file on Trade Trak.

Creating an Invoice 9

Once you are satisfied with the data entered, click ‘Create’ and you will be redirected to your invoice where you are able to share, download, add payments, create tasks, or delete.

Creating an Invoice 10

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