Trade Trak allows users to view their recent jobs, favourited jobs, user tasks, schedule and a live feed of all their job activities right on their dashboard. Users can see updates in real time without ever having to enter the job, including:

  • Edits
  • Status changes
  • Added documents
  • User inclusions
  • Notes
  • When quotes and invoices are added or deleted
  • Job shares

The activity feed is centred on the Dashboard and is ordered chronologically. To avoid confusion, each activity shows the logo or profile picture of the user that completed it, their name, and the name of the job (which is hyperlinked to the job for convenience). For quotes and invoices, you are able to preview, download and view attached files without having to leave the activity feed.

The amount of information viewable on your activity feed may depend on your access level on Trade Trak. If you have restricted access, there are some details you will not be able to view. There are no settings which specifically control the information you are able to view on the activity feed.

On the left side of the activity feed, you can also view and access your favourite jobs or recently viewed jobs.

On the right side of the activity feed, you can view your scheduled items and your tasks.

Admin’s activity feed:

Dashboard 1

Subcontractor’s activity feed:

Activity Feed 2

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