Link A Subcontractor

Link A Subcontractor

Adding subcontractors to your company is a quick and easy process.

1) Company Settings

When on your dashboard, click on your profile picture and name, click on ‘People’ and then ‘Subcontractors’.

Linking a Subcontractor 1

2) Linked Companies

In this section, you can view contractors, subcontractors and shared job defaults.

To add a subcontractor, click on 'Invite Company' in the top right corner of the ‘Subcontractors’ page.

Linking a Subcontractor 2

3) Invite A Company

When you click on ‘Invite Company’, a box pops up directing you to enter the email address for the subcontractor.

Linking a Subcontractor 3

Once you have filled in these details, click ‘Invite’.

4) Invitations

Your invitation to link will then be sent to the subcontractors email address. Once they accept you will receive a notification within the app.

Link A Subcontractor 4


The subcontractor will then be listed under ‘Subcontractors’ in your Company Settings. From here you can edit their colour for the Scheduler, or delete them if their work with you has come to an end.

Linking a Subcontractor 5

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