File Management

File Management

Trade Trak allows you store files under your jobs so that you never have to risk losing important paperwork again. This also makes it easy to share documentation with staff members or clients.

1) Accessing Files on Jobs

To access files, begin on the ‘Jobs’ module. On the left-hand side, you will see a panel with the features of the job. Click ‘Files’.

File Management 1

2) Viewing Files

Here you will see all of your previously created files. You can also store files under folders within jobs, to help you stay better organised. If there are too many folders and files shown, you can use type keywords into the search bar, or use the filter function to narrow the results.

File Management 2

3) Adding Folders

To add a folder, click ‘New folder’ at the top of the ‘Files’ page. You are given the option to name the folder and to enable or disable the sharing of the folder’s contents. This means that you can make private folders for your own personal use.

File Management 3

Once done, press ‘Create’ and you will be able to add files to the folder.

4) Adding Files

To add a file to your job, click ‘Upload File’ to the right of the ‘New Folder’ button. Here you can drag a file to the page, or browse and select from your computer. There are also optional fields you can fill out to provide a bit more detail on your file. You can select whether to add the file to all sub-jobs and future sub-jobs, set permissions for the file, alert other users that it has been uploaded and choose who to share the file with.

File Management 4

Press ‘Upload’ and your file will be added to Trade Trak and stored under your chosen folder or shown on its own.

5) Files Features

Once a file has been uploaded on to Trade Trak, there are many things that can be done to it by clicking on the ‘...’ button on its individual line on the ‘Files’ page.


  • Download
  • View
  • Annotate
  • Create Task
  • Delete
  • Archive
  • Move
  • Rename
  • Crop/Rotate
  • Share
  • Set Permission
  • Share with Sub-Job

File Management 5

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