User Profile

User Profile

The user profile is where each individual user can set their application preferences and contact information. This information is used for notifications and to show who has added information to a job. The user profile can be accessed from any page by opening the settings menu in the top right of the screen and selecting 'My Profile'.


  • First Name (mandatory) - Your first name
  • Last Name (mandatory) - Your last name
  • Email (mandatory) - Your preferred contact email address, this is also used for logging in to the app
  • Phone Number - Your preferred contact phone number. If you leave this empty you will be unable to receive SMS even if you have opted in to this functionality
  • Time Zone - Setting this field will set all dates within the app to your local time (created dates, updated dates etc). If you leave this blank the app will use your companies time zone
  • Photo - Set your profile picture to use in the app. If left blank, your picture will appear as your initials
  • Password - Here you can reset your current password used to login in to the app
  • Notification Settings - These are used to opt in and out of email and SMS. For SMS notifications you will also need to specify a valid mobile phone number in the phone number input above
  • Dashboard - You can choose whether you want to use the Trade Trak dashboard or the Burdens dashboard here
  • Product View - Set whether you want to view products in a grid view or a list view
  • Scheduler Colour - Set your preferred colour for your scheduler
  • Calendar Feeds - Upload the link to an outside calendar feed to integrate it with Trade Trak here

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