Creating Material Orders

Creating Material Orders

Trade Trak allows you to create material orders which can be sent to a supplier of your choosing. If you are a Burdens customer, the material order can be sent directly to your preferred store through the app.

1) Accessing Material Orders

When in any job on Trade Trak, from the left-hand side navigation bar, you can access your MO’s by clicking on the ‘Material Orders’ button.

Here, you will be able to view, download, share, edit, delete and create tasks from all previous MO’s.

If there are a large number of material orders listed under the one job, you can type keywords into the search bar or add filters to narrow the results.

Creating Material Orders 1

2) Creating Material Orders

To start a new material order from scratch, click the ‘Create’ button in the top right corner.

On the creation page, there are a number of fields you need to fill out before you can send off your Material Order. All mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk.

Material Order Details

1) Select a Template

If you have a pre-saved template for a material order, you can use this drop down box to pre-fill the order. Alternatively, if you would like to save the current order as a template for repeated use, simply check the Save As New Template box.

2) Supplier *

Select your supplier from a drop-down menu or add a new one by clicking ’+’.

3) Job

Select from the drop-down menu which job you would like to assign the material order to.

4) Order Name *

Choose the name you would like this material order to have.

5) Delivery Option

Select from a drop-down menu your choice for delivery.


  • Pick Up
  • Delivery

Note: If you select delivery, you will be required to enter an address. Trade Trak will autofill this section with the job you assigned the MO to’s address, which can be changed easily.

6) Required Date

The date you would like to pick up or have the order delivered.

7) Required Time

The time you would like to pick up or have the order delivered.

Order Items

Enter in the item description, cost, units and enable or disable GST. You can add as many item lines as needed. Click 'Add Line Item' to add multiple products to the order. You can see the entire catalogue of your chosen supplier if you click 'Add Product'.

MO Notes

1) Order Description

Add a description which will only be viewable by your company, this could be for administration purposes.

2) Notes to Supplier

Add any notes that you would like to send to the supplier. This could include details about the delivery date, time or location.


Add any files that you would like to send with the material order.

Creating Material Orders 2


Press ‘Save’ to save the order. From the Material Orders page, you will be able to download or share the MO.

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