Burdens: Create a Material Order Template

Burdens: Create A Material Order Template

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We are in the process of updating our help guides. In the past few months, there have been many upgrades to the app, so we apologise if the instructions do not match your use. If you are having trouble location or using a feature, please use the in-app chat feature to get in touch with the Trade Trak development team.

If your business creates a lot of similar material orders to send to Burdens, using templates may be more efficient.

There are a number of ways that you can create material orders on Trade Trak.

1) Order Templates Page

To access the page that stores all of your business’s order templates, click on your icon or name in the top-right corner. From the drop-down menu select ‘Templates’, and then from the next drop-down menu, select ‘Order Templates’.

Create Template 1

Here you will see all material order templates.
You can find a specific template by entering keywords into the search bar, or edit and delete them by clicking the ‘...’ button.

To build a new template, click the ‘Create’ button.

Create Template 2

Any details required for creation on the Create A New Material Order Template page are marked with an asterisk.

Name *

Enter a name for the template so that it’s easier to find at a later date.


Add a description to provide more information about the template.


Select from a drop-down menu whether you would like to include or exclude tax for the items in the template.


Add any notes that are needed for the template.


Enter items from the Burdens by typing in keywords into the description box, or select it from the catalogue by pressing the ‘+ Add Product’ button.

Add as many items as needed by pressing ‘Add Line Item’


Once satisfied with your template, press ‘Create’ and it will be available for use.

Create Template 3

2) Burdens invoices

You can also create material order templates directly from the Invoices page.

To access it, start on the Burdens Portal and press ‘Burdens Invoices.

Create Template 4

To create a template from an invoice, click on the ‘...’ button.
From the drop-down menu, select ‘Create Material Order Template’

Create Template 5

3) Create A Material Order

You can also make a template when you’re creating a material order.

To begin, start on the Burdens Portal and press ‘Create A Material Order.

Create Template 6

At the top of the creation page, you will have the option to select whether or not you would like to ‘Save as new template’.
If you click this box, a textbox will appear for you to name the template.

Create Template 7

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