Burdens: Create a Material Order

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Burdens: Material Orders

On the new Burdens portal, you can create material orders which can be sent directly to your chosen Burdens store for pickup or delivery.

1) Accessing Material Orders

To begin, start on the Burdens Portal. From this page, select ‘Create a Material Order’.

Burdens Material Orders 1

2) Creating Material Orders

After pressing ’Create a Material Order’, the creation screen should automatically pop up. If it doesn’t, you can press ‘Create’ in the top right corner of the Material Orders page.

On the creation page, there are a number of fields you need to fill out before you can send off your Material Order. All mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk.

Material Order Templates

If you're likely to need this exact or similar material order again in the future, you're able to save it by clicking 'Save as New Template'.
Once you click this box, you will need to enter a name for the template so that it's easier to find again in the future.

To load a previously saved material order, click on the 'Select a Template' box and select the right one from the drop-down menu.

Burdens Material Orders 2

Material Order Details

1) Supplier *

By default, the supplier will auto-fill as Burdens. You can also select from a drop-down menu or add a new supplier by clicking ’+’.

2) Job *

Select from the drop-down menu which job you would like to assign the material order to.

3) Status *

Select from the drop-down menu what status you would like to assign for your material order.


  • Draft
  • Sent
  • Processed
  • Void
4) Issue On *

Select from calendar view which date you would like to issue the material order on.

5) General Description

This field is for your note keeping on your account, it won’t be shared with the supplier.

Order Items

Press + Add Product to select the products you would like to add to the order. Trade Trak will automatically apply your customer-specific prices to the order. You can adjust the cost price or units once products have been selected. You can also toggle GST on or off.

MO Notes

Add any notes that you would like to send to the supplier. This could include details about the delivery date, time or location.


Add any files that you would like to send with the material order.

Burdens Material Orders 3

Burdens Material Orders 4


Once you press ’Create’, the share dialog will appear. The portal will automatically suggest your local Burdens, but if you would like to send the material order to a different store, you can enter the email address for that location manually.

You may also choose to add a message here.

Press ’Share’ once done.

Burdens Material Orders 5

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