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Notes can be used on any job to keep track of the big or small details and eliminate messy paper trails.

1) Accessing Notes on a New Job

An unlimited number of notes can be added to every job that you create on Trade Trak. To access notes, begin on the ‘Jobs’ module. On the left-hand side, you will see a panel with the features of the job. Click ‘Notes’.

Notes 1

2) Create a New Note

To add a new note to the job, press ‘Add Note’ in the top right corner. Here you can use the textbox to enter details, upload files or images, draw a sketch, choose which sub jobs to add it to, choose who to notify, and choose who has permission to view the note.

Notes 2

3) Features of Notes

Once a note has been created, you are able to delete, edit or add to them as needed.

Viewing Notes

Notes for each job are displayed chronologically, and always show the author’s name and icon, as well as the date and time it was posted.

Notes 3

Replying to Notes

You can also reply to notes by pressing the arrow bottom underneath. A new dialogue box will appear where you can type your response. Once you press ‘Add Note’, your message will be added to a thread on that note.

Notes 4

Sharing Notes

Notes can be shared with another app user, client or any email address using the share button next to the reply button. You can also generate a shareable link to the note.

Notes 5

Change Permissions

Each individual note that’s written can have different permission settings. If you would like to change its level of accessibility, click the ellipsis button (‘...’) next to the share button - here you can also delete, edit, pin or add a task to the note. Click ‘Set Permissions’ and you will be able to select from a drop-down menu which group of people you would like to be able to view the note.


  • Anyone with job access
  • Strict access (you will be given another drop down box after selecting this where you can choose which users can have permission)
  • Selected user groups (you will be given another drop down box after selecting this where you can choose which group of users can have permission)

Notes 6

Notes 7

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