Adding Non-Job Items

Adding Non-Job Items

Non-job items can be added to your account to be used on your scheduler. These can range from public holidays, training, TAFE, sick leave, or activities that are specific to your business.

Accessing Scheduler Settings

From your navigation bar, select your profile picture in the top right corner (on mobile you will first need to click the icon with the three lines for this to appear).

From the drop down menu, select ‘Company Settings’ and then select ‘Scheduler’.

Non Jobs 1

Non-Job Items

At the bottom of the Scheduler Settings page, non-job items can be added under the title ‘Other Settings’.

In the textbox, simply enter the name of the non-job item you’d like to add, and click the ‘+’ button. It will then appear in the list underneath the text box.

To delete an item, simply click the red trash can next to it.

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