Sharing Job Files With Subcontractors

Sharing Files With Subbies

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We are in the process of updating our help guides. In the past few months, there have been many upgrades to the app, so we apologise if the instructions do not match your use. If you are having trouble location or using a feature, please use the in-app chat feature to get in touch with the Trade Trak development team.

On Trade Trak there are no limits to who you can share files with. There are three different ways you can share files with your subcontractors.

To share files, you must first select your job or create a new one from the ‘Jobs’ module. Once in your job, click on ‘Files’ on the left-hand side navigation bar.

1. Permissions

When uploading a file to a job, you are given the option to select from a drop-down menu which group of regular users you would like to permit to see the item.


  • Anyone with job access
  • Supervisors and Admins only
  • Admins only
  • Strict access

Note: Selecting ‘Strict Access’ will prompt you to choose from another drop-down menu which specific users you would like to have access to the file

If you have already added a subcontractor to the job, you will also have the option underneath this to select whether or not you would like to share the file with them, and whether or not you would like to notify them.

Sharing Files With Subbies 1

2. Share With Future Linked Company

If you haven’t added a subcontractor to your job, any file you upload to a job on Trade Trak will give you the option to ‘Share With Future Linked Company’. By selecting this option, if you plan on adding a subcontractor to your job in the future, you will be saved the hassle of going through each individual file and granting access.

Sharing Files With Subbies 2

3. Shared Folders

Folders can be used on Trade Trak to organise files, and as a place to store documents for all users on a job to see.

When creating a folder, you are requested to enter the folder’s name and whether or not you would like to share the folder’s contents.

If you select that you would like to share the folder’s contents, every file that is added to that folder will be accessible to anyone attached to the job.

Sharing Files With Subbies 3

Sharing Files With Subbies 4

Viewing Access Permissions

Once you have set permission for file sharing, you will be able to see which users have access on the Files screen.

Sharing Files With Subbies 5

Subcontractors will also be able to see the items that have been shared with them on the Files screen.

Sharing Files With Subbies 6

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