Auto Purchasing Credits

Auto Purchasing Credits

With Trade Trak, you can adjust your billing settings to automatically top-up your credits once they get beneath a certain number, as defined by you. The process is similar to using an e-tag on tollways.

1) Accessing Billing Settings

To begin, click on your icon or name in the top right corner, select ‘Company Settings’ from the drop-down menu, and then click on ‘Billing’.

Auto Purchasing Credits 1

2) Billing

On this page you are able to view your current number of credits, buy credits, set up automatic purchases of credits, update payment details and also view your past billing history.

Note: All credit purchases incur a 10% GST surcharge.

3) Auto Purchasing Credits

Note: Prior to setting up automatic top-ups for credits, please make sure your billing details are up to date or purchases will not go through.

There are only two fields which are required to set up automatic credit top-ups.

Auto Purchase Credit Quantity

In this section, select the number of credits you would like Trade Trak to bill you for and add to your account once your account gets below a certain number. The minimum number you can set is 20.

Auto Purchase Credit Threshold

Here, enter the number of job credits you would like your account to get to before Trade Trak automatically purchases more on your behalf.

Once complete, make sure you press ‘Save’ to ensure your credits will be automatically purchased in the future.

Auto Purchasing Credits 2

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