Burdens: Adding Burdens Invoices to Job Expenses

Burdens: Adding Burdens Invoices to Job Expenses

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Burdens invoices can be added to your jobs on Trade Trak in just a few easy steps.

1) Accessing Burdens Invoices

Start on the Burdens Portal.
From here, select ‘Burdens Invoices”

2) Invoices

On this page, you will see all quotes and invoices from Burdens.
To add an invoice to your job’s expenses, click on the ‘...’ button.
From the drop-down menu, select ‘Assign Job Expense’.

Invoice to Expense 1

3) Assign to Job

On this pop-up, you can select from a drop-down menu which job you would like to assign the invoice as a expense to.

Press ‘Assign’ once you have selected the correct job.

Invoice to Expense 2

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