Notifications on Trade Trak help you to stay on top of your work-load. In your notifications, you will receive updates on jobs or reminders about due dates.

Accessing Notifications

The notifications button is shaped like a bell and appears on the top navigation bar on Trade Trak, next to your icon and name.

If you have any new notifications, there will be a red number on the bell like this:

Notifications 1

Viewing Notifications

By default, you will be able to see all of your notifications in chronological order.

At the top of the notifications page, there are a few different filters or features you can add.


  • Show unread only
  • Mark all notifications as read
  • Show active tasks
  • Create new task

Notifications 2

Create New Task

There are two options for creating tasks in the notification window.

1) Create New Task

This option is at the top of the entire notification window. When you click this, you will be able to create a task from scratch which will not have any particular notification linked to it.

Notifications 1

2) Create Task

On the right of each notification on the page, you will notice a little bell button. To create a task relating to that specific notification, click the button.

Notifications 2

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