Approving Timesheet Entries

Approving Timesheet Entries

On Trade Trak, timesheets can only be approved by an admin. Once this has been done, timesheet entries are added as expenses on jobs.

There are two ways that the entry approval page can be accessed.

1. Notifications

Once a user submits their timesheet entries for approval, admins will receive a notification alerting them to this.

You can click on your notification bell which is located to the left of your name and icon in the navigation bar. On the relevant notification, select “View timesheets”.

Approving Timesheet Entries 1

2. Timesheet Admin

To access the admin-only feature for timesheets on the app, click on your icon or name in the top right corner of the navigation bar.
From the drop-down menu, select “Timesheet Admin”.

Approving Timesheets Entries 1

On this page, you will see all members of your team and details about their timesheets for that week, including:

  • Allocated hours
  • Total hours entered
  • Base hours
  • OT1 hours
  • OT2 hours

You can also see whether the user has submitted their timesheet entries, and whether it has already been approved.
If the timesheet has been submitted and/or approved, it will show a green tick in either column, if not, there will be a red cross.

At the top of the page, you will see the date range of the week you are viewing submissions for.
To go to the previous week, press the “<” button, or to go forward a week, press “>”.

To go to an individual’s submissions, click on the “View” button on their relevant line.

Approving Timesheets Entries 2

Approving Entries

Once you’re viewing an individual’s timesheet entries, they can be altered by clicking on the “edit” button on the relevant date’s entry.

If all entries are correct, make sure each one has a blue tick next to the day (every entry will by default), and then click “Approve Selected”.

Approving Timesheet Entries 4

Timesheet Expenses

After the timesheets entries have been approved, they will be added as an expense to the relevant job.

To view this, click on the job name from your Jobs list.

From the left-hand side navigation bar of the job, select “Timesheets”.

Here, you will see all entries for timesheets on this job, as well as information about costing, including:

  • Total hours
  • Total base hours
  • Total OT1 hours
  • Total OT2 hours

Approving Timesheets Entries 3

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