Using Job Statuses

Job Statuses

Trade Trak allows you to assign customised job statuses to each of your jobs, so you can easily keep on top of progress.

1) Viewing Job Statuses

Once in the ‘Jobs’ module, you will be able to view a list of all jobs.

Job Statuses 1

2) Search by Job Status

To find jobs based on their current status, click on the 'Show Filters' button on the top right of the jobs page and select what status you would like to search for from the drop down menu next to 'Status'.

Job Statuses 2

3) In Create New Job

Jobs don’t always have to start out as a draft. When creating a new job, you can assign any of your customised statuses. This is useful if you’re transferring previously started or completed jobs into Trade Trak.

Job Statuses 3

4) Changing Job Statuses

Job statuses can be changed easily from the ‘Jobs’ module. To do this press the ‘...’ button to the right of the line of your selected job, and then select ‘Edit’.

Job Statuses 4

From here, you will be redirected to the job listing and an edit pop-up where you can adjust the status.

Job Statuses 5

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