Managing Job Statuses

Managing Job Statuses

Job statuses are completely customisable in Trade Trak. Create, edit or delete job statuses to suit your business’s needs.

Accessing Job Statuses Settings

From the Dashboard on Trade Trak, you can access your job status settings by clicking your name or icon in the top right corner. From the drop-down menu, click ‘Statuses’ and then ‘Job Statuses’.

Managing Job Statuses 1

Viewing Job Statuses

On this page, you can view all your current job statuses by name and job type, edit or delete. You are also able to filter by job type.

Managing Job Statuses 2

Create New Job Statuses

To add a new job status, click 'Create' in the top right corner of the Job Statuses page.

A pop up will appear asking for these details:

  • Name * [text entry]
  • Colour [colour picker]
  • Hide by default [checkbox]
  • Available to subcontractors [checkbox]
  • Active [checkbox]

Managing Job Statuses 3

Edit or Delete

Once you have created a new job status, you can edit the details at a later date by clicking the ‘...’ button on the line of the selected job status. Here you can also delete the job status if it is no longer in use.

Managing Job Statuses 4

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