Changing Job Statuses

Changing Job Status

There are three ways that you can change a job’s status on Trade Trak.
You can find out how to create custom job statuses here.

1) Create a Job

When you’re first creating a job, you can assign any of your customised statuses.
This can be useful if you’re transferring jobs into the system or adding them in at a later date.

Changing Status of Job 1

2) Edit Job

You can also change a previously created job’s status from the ‘Jobs’ module by clicking on the ‘...’ button and then ‘edit’. From here you will be redirected to a page to edit the job, and you will be able to adjust the job status.
Changing Status of Job 2
Changing Status of Job 3

3) Changing the Status in a Job

The easiest way to change a job’s status is from it’s ‘Details’ page. From here, you can select the down arrow next to the current status and select a new one.
Changing Status of Job 4

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