Job Profitability

Job Profitability

The Trade Trak app helps you to stay on top of your job’s finances.

Accessing Job Finances

To access finances, select the job that you would like to view details for from the Jobs list.

Job Finances is shown on the job’s Details page.

Note: If you’re unable to view the entire Job Finances section, you may need to minimise the Details by clicking on the upwards arrow.

Job Profitability 1

Finance Summary

On the finance summary, you will first see a graph showing the numbers for:

  • Quotes
  • Approved Quotes
  • Invoices
  • Paid Invoices
  • Costs
  • Profit

Underneath this, you also have multiple other sections which show a few more details.


Under Profit/Loss, there are numbers shown for:

  • Total invoice paid
  • Total costs
  • Expenses costs
  • Timesheet costs


Under Invoices, there are numbers shown for:

  • - Total invoiced
  • - Total paid
  • - Balance due


Under Quotes, there are numbers shown for:

  • Initial quote
  • Approved quote
  • Awaiting approval
  • Not yet invoiced

Job Profitability 2

Generate Report

Underneath these three sections, you have the option to click on Generate Report.

This will download a report containing all of your Job Finances data in a CSV file that’s compatible with Excel.

Job Profitability 2

Timesheet Expenses

Your timesheet expenses will not show up underneath Job Finances. Instead, from the left-hand side navigation bar of the job, select 'Timesheets'.

Here, you’re able to see the total timesheet costs for this particular job, including details for:

  • Total hours
  • Total base hours
  • Total OT1 hours
  • Total OT2 hours
  • Total cost
  • Total base cost
  • Total OT1 cost
  • Total OT2 cost

Job Profitability 3

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