Linking Your Trade Trak Job Calendar with Google Calendar

Job Calendar Feed

Trade Trak allows you to add your job calendar from our app, into other programs. This means that you can keep track of where you need to be and when all from your phone.

For the purpose of this knowledge base article, we will be using Gmail as the example calendar app.

Note: Android users are unable to add a subscribed calendar to Google calendar directly from their phone or tablet. You must first link the calendars using the steps for desktop listed below.

1) Getting The Calendar URL

To add your calendar to other programs, you first need the URL.

Begin by clicking on your icon or name in the top right corner of any page on Trade Trak. From the drop-down menu, select ‘My Profile’.

Adding Calendar 1

At the bottom of your Profile Settings, you will find the options for the Job Calendar Feed or the User Calendar Feed.

Adding Calendar 2

Each option has three buttons listed underneath. In order from left to right, they are: refresh, delete, copy.

To generate a URL to link your Trade Trak job calendar to another app, press the refresh button.

Once your link is there, press the third button to copy the URL to your clipboard.

Adding Calendar 3

2) Adding to Google Calendar on Desktop

To access and login to google calendar, click here.

In the navigation bar to the left of the calendar view, you will see an ‘Add calendar’ bar, click the button to the right with the three dots. A menu will pop up, and from here, select ‘From URL’.

Calendar Feed 4

This will redirect you to a page separate from the calendar. Enter the copied URL into the text box underneath “From URL”. Here, you also have the option to make the calendar publicly accessible.

Once the correct URL has been entered, click ‘Add calendar’.

Calendar Feed 5

Viewing Your Calendar on Desktop

Once you have pressed ‘Add calendar’, go back to your calendar. Your jobs should now be viewable on your calendar. If not, refresh the page.
You will now be able to view all future jobs and past jobs up until the 1st of the previous month (from the date that the calendars are linked). Jobs completed prior to that date will need to be viewed on Trade Trak.

Note: Some calendar apps can take up to four hours to refresh, so the transfer of jobs to external calendars may not be instantaneous.

If you click on the job in your calendar, further details will be shown such as address, client, site contact, and a link to view the job on Trade Trak.

Calendar Feed 6

3) Adding to Google Calendar on Apple Devices

Once you have your URL copied, on your Apple device you will need to go to the Settings app and click on ‘Accounts & Passwords’.

From here, press ‘Add account’.

Calendar Feed 7

On this page, you will be shown a list of commonly used companies, click ‘Other’.

Calendar Feed 8

Underneath the ‘Calendars’ section, select ‘Add Subscribed Calendar’

Calendar Feed 9

In the text box next to ‘Server’, paste the URL from Trade Trak, then press ‘Next’.

Calendar Feed 10

You can name your new subscribed calendar by changing the ‘Description’ - to avoid confusion, we suggest naming it Trade Trak.
You do not need to enter a username and password on the ‘Subscription’ pop-up. Press ‘Save’ once done.

Calendar Feed 10

Your Trade Trak jobs will now be linked with Google Calendar.

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