Job Calendar

Job Calendar

On Trade Trak, you’re able to schedule jobs on the calendar in your app.
You can also link your Trade Trak calendar with external apps. Learn how to do this here.

Scheduling Jobs

To have your job show up on the calendar, you first need to schedule it by selecting a start and end date from a calendar view.
This can be done when creating a job or editing at a later date. You can learn how to do both of these here.

Job Calendar 1

Viewing the Job Calendar

To access the job calendar, from the navigation bar at the top of Trade Trak, select ’Scheduling’ and from the drop-down menu, click on ’Job Calendar’.

There are three different calendar views that you can choose from; month, week, day. Each can be selected from the top of the job calendar. For each view, you are also able to go press ’< PREV’ to go back a month, week or day, and ’NEXT’ to go forward.

Users can also link directly to a calendar view with   . You must enter one of the three calendar view options at the end of the URL in order for it to link correctly.

1) Month View

The job calendar will default to showing you the month view. This is useful to see gaps in the month where you may be able to schedule extra jobs for your company.

Job Calendar 2

2) Week View

See the work your company has coming up for the week that you’re currently in.

Job Calendar 3

3) Day View

Day view shows only that day’s jobs, and will automatically show more details including address and the client for convenience.

Job Calendar 4

Job Details

On any calendar view, you can view more details by clicking on any jobs name. The job will expand to show the client, address, dates, and status.

Job Calendar 5

Edit Job

Once you have expanded the job, you can change a number of details about it by pressing ’Edit’.

You can change:

  • From date
  • To date
  • Status
  • Shared with

Job Calendar 6

Calendar Filters

You can change how you view your calendar by adding filters. The filter button is next to the month, week and day view buttons, and looks like this:
Job Calendar 7

There are four options to filter your job calendar.

1) Status

Select from the drop-down menu a status that you would like to filter the results by.

2) Company

Select from the drop-down menu a subcontractor’s company that you would like to view jobs for.

3) Client

Select from the drop-down menu a client that you would like to view jobs for.

4) Job

Search for the name of the job you would like to view.

Job Calendar 7

Printing Calendar Reports

You can print a report for your calendar to show all the jobs that were scheduled over a certain period by pressing this button which can be found next to the filter:

Job Calendar 10

Calendar reports will look something like this:

Job Calendar 11

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