Invoicing for "Do and Charge" Jobs

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At this time, Trade Trak doesn’t have a “Do and Charge” function, but there are ways that you can work around this.


Users add their hours to timesheets each day. You can learn how to add your entries here.

This can be partially automated using the “sign on” function - if your workers use it when they get to the job and leave the job, it’ll add timestamps to the timesheet so they can easily set the hours. You can learn how to sign on using the GPS locator here.

Users will need to do a timesheet each day to get the hours.

Additionally, if you want to invoice before the users have even entered their daily timesheet, you could manually check the sign on and off times and bill accordingly (e.g. if it’s a morning job and they won’t normally submit their timesheet until that afternoon).

Once a user has entered their timesheet, it will show up under the Timesheets section on a job. By default, this page will show only the Approved timesheet hours, so you will need to change the filter to show “All” hours.

Material Orders

Staff can also use Material Orders for the materials that are used.
Users can enter products into Material Orders directly, or create them on the Products page (accessible from the navigation bar) if they’re needed frequently.

Creating the Invoice

Using the products and details about billable hours gained from timesheets or sign ons, you can then create a “quote” for do and charge.

To bill for time, simply enter “labour” as a product, enter the number of hours that the user worked, change the measurement to hours, and enter the hourly rate you would like to charge for. You can also set this up as a product under Products.

Add the products that were used in the Material Order on the job, it will automatically use the RRP price set for that product.

This quote can be automatically approved by changing the status on the creation screen.

Once you have saved that quote, all you need to do is press the “invoice” button.

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