GPS Locator

GPS Locator

Trade Trak’s GPS locator feature is easy to use and is a simple way for admins to confirm that users are logging timesheet hours correctly, and are on location at the right time.

Logging Location

To log your location, first click on the relevant job from the Jobs list.

Once on the job, just underneath the job’s name, you will see this button:
GPS Locator 1

Press this and your time and location will be logged.

Learn more about How to Enable Location Permissions on your Mobile Device.

Viewing in the Activity Feed

Once you have logged your GPS location, it will show in the activity feed for all that have been added to the job.

Your precise location will be shown using Google Maps, as well as the time and the coordinates.

To view the location in Google Maps, click on “View Larger Map”.

GPS Locator 2

Timesheet Entries

When a user logs their location on a job, it’s automatically added as an entry on the Timesheets feature.

Your exact sign on time will be entered as a note on the entry underneath the job title.

GPS Locator 3

Exporting GPS Data

The data from GPS logins can be exported at any time from within the app.

To do this, click on your icon or name in the top right corner of the navigation bar.

From the drop-down menu, select “Company Settings” and then “Data Management”.

Under “Data Export”, you have the ability to select the data type from a drop-down menu.
Select “Job Sign On” and then click “Export Data”.

You will then receive an email containing your GPS login data.

GPS Locator 4

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