Company Profile Settings

Company Profile Settings

The profile settings allow you to adjust details relating to your business. These can be used to prefill quotes and invoices later, and are broken up into three categories. All mandatory fields are marked by an asterisk.

To access Profile Settings, click on your icon or name in the top right corner from the navigation bar. From the dropdown menu, select ‘Company Settings’, then select ‘Details’.

Company Profile Settings 1

1. Profile

Company Name *

Here you enter your company name in full.

SMS Sender Name

This field is useful for businesses who are commonly referred to by a shortened name. For example, Big Brix Pty Ltd may be shortened to Big Brix.

Company Main Colour

You may like to select a colour that represents your company. This colour will be used on quotes and invoices, and helps to give a personal touch to all of your documents.


Enter your Australian Business Number (ABN) here.


Here you can place your company logo, which will be shown in the app and on all documents that are generated.


This is a square icon that is visible in your web browser (e.g. as a favourite or in the browser tab). Here you could use your logo again.

Company Profile Settings 2

2. Address

Add your company’s address, suburb, postcode, country, state and timezone. No fields are mandatory, but they will be used to prefill your documents, so make sure they are up to date and correct!

Company Profile Settings 3

3. Contacts

Here you can add a phone number and email address for your company. Again, they will be used to prefill any documents you create.

Phone Number

If the main contact number for your business is overseas, you are able to choose the area code from a drop-down menu. By default, the area code will be Australian (+61). Enter your number in the text box using only digits and no spaces.

Fax Number

If your company uses fax, you can fill in the fax number field. A drop down menu will let you change your area code as before.


Enter the email address where you (or customer service) will be most accessible. It will be used as the reply-to email for anything sent by you through the app. We also use this email address to send any important communications from us to you.

Company Profile Settings 4

Click ‘Save’ to save all changes made before proceeding.

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