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Burdens: View Invoices

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On the Burdens Portal, it’s easy to view your company’s orders. This includes all past invoices or quotes that may have been made for you by Burdens.

Accessing Invoices

Begin on the Burdens Portal and press the ‘Burdens Invoices’ tile.

Burdens Invoices 1


On the Invoices page, you’re able to view or download all of your company’s orders.

To download an invoice, click the ‘...’ button on the right side of each order’s line.

To view the invoice, click the order number of the one you would like to see.

Burdens Invoices 2

Filtering Results

If there are many invoices on your account, you can refine the results by entering keywords into the search bar.

You can also apply filters to help narrow results.

Filter options:

  • Amount from
  • Amount to
  • Start date
  • End date
  • Status

Burdens Invoices 3

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