Assign A Subcontractor To A Job

Assign A Subcontractor To A Job

Once you have linked a subcontractor to your account on Trade Trak, you’re able to assign them to jobs. The subbie will be shown against jobs in the Scheduler which they can also view, and will receive notifications when they’re added to a job or task.

From The Jobs Module

Subcontractors can be added to jobs in the creation process, or when you are editing them later. Whether you’re creating a new job or editing a pre-existing one, the button to add companies is in the same spot.

1) Jobs

Begin in the 'Jobs' module. Here you will be able to view all existing jobs and create new ones.

Assigning Subbies 1

2) Create New Job or Edit Job

To start from scratch, click ‘Create New Job’, otherwise select the job that you would like to add a subcontractor to. Once you are viewing the job, next to the name and number, you will be able to see a star icon and a pencil icon. Click the pencil to edit the job.

3) Share With

Here you will be able to edit all of the details about the job. To link someone to the job, select a company from the menu that drops down when you click on ‘Share with:’. If you don’t see the company listed there, you will need to invite them to link with your account. You can read how to do this here.

Assigning Subbies 2

Click ‘Save Changes’ and your job will be shared. The company you chose to assign will then be notified and, depending on your settings for subcontractors, will be able to view the job.

4) Unlink

Once you have saved the changes, you will notice a new link icon next to the 'Edit' button in the top right corner. If you would like to remove a subcontractor from the job, click the link and you will be given the option to ‘unlink’ or ‘cancel’.

Assigning Subbies 3

From the Scheduler

1) Scheduler view

You can also add subcontractors to pre-existing jobs from the Scheduler. Here you can see which jobs have people assigned to them, and which don’t. When someone is added to a job on Trade Trak, their assigned company colour borders the job title on Scheduler. If there is no border surrounding the job name, this means it has not been shared with other users.

Assigning Subbies 4

2) Job Details

Once you click on the job’s name in Scheduler, you will be shown more details about the job, including status, address, shared people, and tasks.

Assigning Subbies 4

3) Edit Job

To add someone to the job, click on ‘edit’. Here you will be able to adjust the job dates, status, and who the job is shared with.

Assigning Subbies 5

4) Share Job

Choose which company you would like to add to the job from the ‘Select company’ drop-down menu and click ‘Save’. You will be taken back to the Scheduler view, and the child company's name will appear.

Assigning Subbies 6

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