Sending an SMS

Sending an SMS

With Trade Trak's SMS feature, you can easily send text messages to clients from within the app. To be able to message a client, you must have a phone number saved for the contact on the job.

Please note: SMS messages will cost you just 0.1 credits (or 10c) each time.

Finding the SMS option

To send an SMS, you must enter the job you are wishing to send a message to the client from. Once in the job, on the Details page, you will find a section called 'Client Details'.

In this section, if there is a contact added to the job, you will see a line called 'Main Site Contact'. Provided you have added a mobile phone number for the contact, you will see three items to the right of the contact name. These are the phone number, the Call button (indicated by a phone icon) and the SMS button (indicated by a chat box icon, as highlighted below).

Sending an SMS 1

Click on the highlighted icon to bring up the SMS creation menu.

Sending an SMS

The Outgoing SMS screen will be where you create and send the SMS. You have a few options from this screen as listed below:


In the To: box, you can choose who you want to send the SMS to. This box will pre-fill with the number of the contact you clicked on the icon with. You can also add a new number by typing it into the box next to the previous number and clicking 'Add' once done.


In the suggestions section, you will be given options of who to send the SMS to. These will include any other contacts you have attached to the client of the job.

Message Scripts

In this dropdown menu, you can add any SMS script templates to immediately fill the message below. If you would like to know how to create a SMS script, please see our help guide onĀ Creating a New Script Template.


In this box, you can compile the message you wish to send to the contact(s).

Sending an SMS 2

Once you have created your message, click the 'Send' button to send it through to the contact.

Reviewing your SMS History

Once you have sent at least one message to a contact from a particular job, you will be able to review your SMS history so you will always have a record of previous messages you have sent.

To see your SMS history, simply click the new icon (clock +arrow) that will have appeared next to the SMS button to the right of the contact's name as highlighted below.

Sending an SMS 3

Once you have clicked on the icon, a new pop up screen will appear with your SMS history with that contact. Here, you will be able to see;

  • The full message sent
  • The status of the message (pending or sent)
  • The time and date the message was sent

Sending an SMS 4

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