Sending an Attachment via SMS

Sending an Attachment via SMS

On Trade Trak, you can send any attachment that can be shared to a client through our in-app SMS messaging feature. This means you can send a quote, invoice, file, note, report, order, & more easily via SMS.

Getting the Public Link of an Attachment

To send a copy of any Trade Trak attachment to a client over SMS, you will first need to the the public link of the item. You can get the public link for any item that is able to be shared from the platform, however, for the example of this help guide, we will be looking at sharing a quote.

To get the link, firstly go into the item you wish to send. Then, click the three dots '...' next to the item name to bring up the drop-down menu with the options for that item. Then, click 'Share'.

Sending an Attachment via SMS 1

This will bring up the Email Sharing Screen. At the top of this screen, you will see a box called 'Public Link' with a unique URL inside starting with ''. Highlight this link and then copy it.

Sending an Attachment via SMS 2

Sending the Attachment via SMS

Once you have copied the link, go into the job you wish to send the SMS from and find the contact you wish to send it to and click the Create SMS icon (please read Sending an SMS if you're unsure how to do this).

Once you have done this, simply select who you wish to send the attachment to and write the message to accompany it in the Message box. Then, simply paste the public link you copied earlier into the message box wherever you see fit. Then click 'Send' to send the message.

Sending an Attachment via SMS 3

The contact can then use that link to open up the attachment you have sent and interact with it. In the case of a quote, they can view it and approve it as seen below.

Sending an Attachment via SMS 4

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