Trade Trak allows you to subscribe to events regarding your data. This allows you to communicate with services that do not have an official Trade Trak integration.
Webhook management can be accessed from the Company Settings under theĀ Data Management heading.

Current events you can subscribe to:

  • Clients
    • Client created
    • Client details modified
    • Client deleted
  • Suppliers
    • Supplier created
    • Supplier details modified
    • Suppler deleted

Trade Trak webhooks do not send full details to avoid any potential security issues but instead follow a standard format:

  "event_type": "an identifier to describe the event",
  "object_id": an identifier to describe the object related to the event,
  "event_date": "UTC timestamp of the date and time the event was processed"

Creating webhooks

From the webhook management page, click the "Add Webhook" button. From there simply select the event you would like to subscribe to and enter a valid HTTPS endpoint that you would like the event data sent to.
When you press "Save" the endpoint will be tested with a test event, if the endpoint is valid and returns a successful response the webhook will be saved.

Webhook History

From the webhook management page, click the "View History" link next to the "Add Webhook" button. This will take you to a page with a list of the most recently processed webhook events. You can view the response received by Trade Trak, as well as attempt to process the webhook again in the case of an error.

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