Xero FAQ's

Xero FAQ’s

Trade Trak is now a connected app partner with Xero. This means that you can link both apps and have certain data automatically transferred between the two.

This includes:

Connect Xero 1

How do I connect my Xero account with Trade Trak?

You can set this up by following the steps in this help guide:

How do I disconnect my Xero account from Trade Trak?

There are two ways that you can disconnect your accounts.

  1. On Trade Trak When on the Integrations page of your Company Settings on Trade Trak, simply click ‘Unlink Xero Account’.
  2. On Xero Go to your ‘Connected Apps’ page and unlink Trade Trak.

What doesn’t the integration do?

Currently, the integration does not handle payments or payroll. While these features are planned, we have no ETA at present.

When and how does data sync occur? Is it manual or automatic?

Data sync is either pushed on demand (invoice creation, customer creation) or pulled from webhook events when Xero is updated (invoice status updates).

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