Burdens: Products and Pricing

Burdens: Products and Pricing

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We are in the process of updating our help guides. In the past few months, there have been many upgrades to the app, so we apologise if the instructions do not match your use. If you are having trouble location or using a feature, please use the in-app chat feature to get in touch with the Trade Trak development team.

Just like in-store or over the phone, through the portal, you can access your negotiated prices for Burdens products.

Accessing Products

From any page on Trade Trak, select Burdens Portal from the navigation bar.
Once on The Portal, click on ‘Products & Pricing’.

Burdens Pricing 1

Finding Your Product

There are thousands of items in Burdens’ product list, so we suggest refining results. This can be done in two ways.

1) Search Bar

At the top of the products list, there is a search bar. You can type in keywords to find products that match the product you are looking for.

Burdens Pricing 2

2) Filters

You can also refine the results by applying filters. To find the filters, click ‘Show filters’ next to the search bar.



  • Product Name A-Z
  • Product Name Z-A
  • SKU A-Z
  • SKU Z-A
  • Product Price Low-High
  • Product Price High-Low
  • Favourite Products


  • List
  • Grid

Scroll through the options to find the category you’re looking for, or enter keywords to refine results. You can add as many category filters as necessary.

Burdens Pricing 3


Once you’ve found the product you’re searching for, you can access your live pricing.

Every item will automatically have the RRP listed next to it as a reference.
Before RRP, you will see ‘Cost Price’. Next to this, you have the option to press ’Get Price’ and within moments you have your customer-specific price.

If at a later date you have negotiated another price or would like to double check it, you can press the refresh button shown next to your personal Cost Price.

Burdens Pricing 4

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