Annotating Files

Annotating Files on Trade Trak

Annotations can easily be added to files on Trade Trak.

Accessing Files

Select the job you would like to annotate a file for from the ’Jobs’ module.

On the left-hand side navigation bar, select Files.

Annotating Files 1

Accessing Annotations

On the line of the relevant file, press the ’...’ button, and from the drop-down menu, select ’Annotate’

Annotating Files 3


On this page you're able to:

  • Draw freely using the pencil
  • Adjust pencil size
  • Draw squares
  • Add text
  • Highlight parts of the file
  • Change the colour for drawings

Once you've completed your annotation, press the save button and a new file will be created, leaving the original as is.

Annotating Files 4

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