Contact Management

Contact Management

On Trade Trak, you can easily manage the contacts that are listed on your account.

Accessing Contacts

To access the contact management page, click on your icon or name in the top right corner of the Trade Trak navigation bar. From the drop-down menu, select ‘People’, then select 'Contacts'.

Contact Management 1


On this page, you’re able to view, edit, create and delete contacts.

Viewing, editing and deleting can be done by pressing the ‘...’ button on the right-hand side of the contact line.

If your company has a large number of contacts, you can narrow the results by entering keywords into the search bar.
You can also refine results by filtering by clients.

Contact Management 2

Create a Contact

To add a new contact to your account, click the ‘Create’ button.

There are a number of details you can enter for contacts. Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk.

1) First Name *

Add the first name of your contact.

2) Last Name

Add the last name of your contact.

3) Phone Number

Add a phone number for your contact. You can also adjust the area code if they are international.

4) Office Phone Number

If the contact has an office number or secondary number, you can add it here. Again, you can adjust the area code for international contacts.

5) Fax Number

If the contact has a fax number, you can add it here. Adjust the area code for international contacts if needed.

6) Position

Enter the position the contact holds at their company if required.

7) Email

Add an email address to contact the individual on.

8) Company *

Select from the drop-down menu which company you would like to list them under.

Contact Management 3


Once you have entered all the necessary fields for the contact, press ‘Create’.

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